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Fashion at Kawaii Kon with h.NAOTO

Catch h.NAOTO and his Japanese fashion line at Kawaii Kon. See his latest fashions and designs straight from the runways of Japan.

Kawaii Kon:

April 8-10, 2016


About h.NAOTO

Naoto Hirooka created his brand h.NAOTO in 2000, incorporating ideas of extreme punk, gothic-lolita and visual-kei. His designs are completely unique and visually eye-catching, garnering positive critiques worldwide.

The brand h.NAOTO endlessly seeks for a new world, and will continue to multiply diversely, and deepen.

h.NAOTO has produced many sub-brands such as NAOTO SEVEN, h.NAOTO FRILL, h.NAOTO Blood, Anarchy and DARK RED RUM.

More recently h.NAOTO has focused on the series of the Seven Deadly Sins and developed a new category focused on Steam Punk fashion “h.NAOTO STEAM” in 2013.

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