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Mika Takeuchi japanese fashion at Anime Central

The unique fashion of Mika Takeuchi will be at Anime Central.

Come see japanese fashion in person from the hit designer Mika Takeuchi. Clothes from her newest collection will be on sale, but quantities are very limited.

Anime Central: May 15-17, 2015


Mika Takeuchi:

Mika Takeuchi made her debut in the Gothic/ Punk world as a designer in S-inc as part of the h.NAOTO group. She had been the chief designer of Jelly and Honey.

Mika Takeuchi has since joined Antigone’s in 2014.
The new MIKA TAKEUCHI brand derives from modern Japanese culture, consisting of a mixture of Gothic, Lolita and her own signature style.

The first MIKA TAKEUCHI U.S.A fashion show occurred in 2014 in Washington D.C. That year also saw the debut of the MR and “Tranquil & Muse” brands in Japan. Mika also opened her first flagship store in Harajuku Laforet.

Official Twitter: @antigones_mr
Official Site:

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