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ELISA in concert at AnimeNEXT

ELISA will be a special musical guest at this years AnimeNEXT convention, June 12-14.

Join us and this amazing singer at AnimeNEXT.

AnimeNEXT June 12-14, 2015


◆ELISA - profile-

ELISA made her music debut in October 2007, with "euphoric field", the opening theme song of ef - a tale of memories.

Since then, ELISA has also performed theme songs for notable anime such as VALVRAVE The Liberator,The World God Only Knows, The irregular at magic high school, and A Certain Scientific Railgun. Her latest single “EONIAN” released in November 2014, was the main theme song for the animation movie Expelled from Paradise,the movie was directed by Tsutomu Mizushima the director from Gundam00, and written by Gen Urobuchi the scriptwriter of PuellaMagi MadokaMagika.

She has performed in one of the biggest anime song festival,
Animelo Summer Live 2008 through 2012.
In April 2014, ELISA made her U.S. performance debut in Seattle, Washington at Sakura-Con.
With her inimitable angelic voice, she is now one of a major anime song singer in Japan!

Message from ELISA:
“Looking forward to see everyone at the stage!See you soon New Jersey!”

ELISA Official Website:
ELISA Official Facebook:
ELISA Official Twitter Account:@ELISA_0414


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